• Why ECHE?

    ECHE is a modern, dynamic and independent higher education provider with a choice of many productive and useful courses. The key advantages of studying at ECHE are to prepare students for the suitability of employment based markets.

    These courses cater the demands and the needs of Global Employment Industry, International Markets, Universities and the UK professional institutes for further or higher education.

    Quality Courses

    • Students graduating from ECHE will receive the same degree certificate as those studying at the awarding University/institution. Whilst they pay lower course fee.
    • ECHE designed courses are practically oriented, helping students to gain real skills and not just theoretical knowledge.
    • No need to apply through UCAS; we can accept a late application up to a week before the course starts.
    • ECHE offers¬†Pathway courses leading to degree and postgraduate qualifications
      e.g get an HNC/OR equivalent to NQF Level 04 then an HND OR equivalent to NQF Level 05 then a final year of study for a bachelor degree.
    • Take a break between each pathway for 3, 6, 9 months or even a year to earn you next course fee.
    • No three year commitment required as at most university; no need to drop out of a degree course if you leave early.
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