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    Some helpful information for travelling in London

    What is an Oyster Card?

    • An Oyster Card is a plastic card that is used as a travel card. Your credit and travel card information is stored electronically on the card.  It can be used on the London Underground, buses and most local overground trains.
    • From 1 week onwards, using an Oyster Card is much cheaper than buying tickets daily.

    How do Oyster Cards work?

    • You can buy a monthly or weekly Oyster card, and you can choose between a travel card for the buses only, or for bus and tube.  When buying a travel card including tube travel, you will need to specify how many zones you wish to travel in, for example zones 1 - 3, zones 1 - 6,  and the price varies depending on the number of zone you choose.
    • You can use pre-pay and 'top up' your Oyster card in the same way as a mobile phone.  Credit is added to the Oyster card and it is deducted each time you travel.  This represents very good value for money compared to buying a daily paper ticket and is ideal for people making occasional journeys per week or month.

    Where can I buy an Oyster Card? 

    • You can purchase an Oyster card from any underground station.
    • Oyster cards are also available from many small local shops such as newsagents.  Near European College for Higher Education, you can get a new Oyster card, buy a weekly or monthly travelcard for your Oyster card or buy pre-pay (Pay as you go).

    What are the travel 'zones'?

    • There are six main zones from central London to the suburbs of Greater London.  The price of your journey will depend on how many zones you pass through on the tube or overground.
    • Gant Hill tube station is zone 4 on Central line.

    What about travelling by bus?

    • There are no zones in London for buses so one ticket or travel card is enough to travel any distance in the network.
    • The ticket price remains the same, no matter how far you travel in London.

    Transport for London offers a 30% discount on Oyster travel cards to students who study with us for 15 weeks or more.  Students wishing to apply for this discount should complete the application form, available at the ECHE’s Reception and at all underground stations.


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