• Student Support Services

    We provide a range of services to support students during their time at ECHE. This involves all stages from application for a place on a course to helping students acclimatise to the city and their new class surroundings. 

    Pre-induction information Pre-induction Information refers to the facts that students are required to understand before they arrive at the college. The main emphasis being on the explanation of all services and support that we provide for students.

    Our student induction programme provides a platform for learning more about the college, as well as all the services and facilities we provide for our students. The induction enables students to meet new people, share thoughts and ideas and to develop friendship within their new class environments.

    Teaching and Learning

    The following are the phases involved in this:

    Personal Tutors We believe in fostering strong relationships between students and their tutors. In addition to scheduled lectures and workshops, students can receive academic guidance and support from their tutor in one-to-one tutorials and through the college E-learning system.

    Revision Classes To help maximise your grades, we offer comprehensive revision practice. We coach you in the skills required to complete your coursework successfully and in examination techniques. This will improve your confidence and ability when facing final assessments.

    Career Support We provide ongoing support in CV writing and developing interview skills in optional workshops. We assist with university applications as well as providing sound advice and guidance for those who are looking for other training or employment at the end of their course.

    Professional Development Workshops We provide Professional Development workshops at no extra charge in pre-course training during induction and as part of, or in addition to our main accredited programmes. In these sessions students are able to strengthen their English language, academic and employability skills, as well as gain extra help and support in planning their own development and doing the assignments for their main course of study.

    General Services

    At ECHE we aim to provide the best possible services to our students, with many outstanding facilities available.  We believe that in supporting our students we enhance their learning experience and this enables them to be responsive to changing needs, before, during and after their studies.

    Support and guidance is given to all students, across our campus. In addition to our services, the students are also responsible for checking the college regulations and taking appropriate action individually, when necessary. This helps to make the learning experience as smooth and effective as is required.

    Student Life at ECHE

    Students at ECHE are in the unique position of being able to experience a new college life style. We believe that student life should “guide students in realising academic, professional and personal goals as they progress towards the final award and beyond”.

    Our student population participates in various events held on campus every year and we offer all the essential activities that are associated with traditional student life, supplemented with non-traditional opportunities that add to and accelerate the student life experience.

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