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    Who are the Local and EEA citizens? European Economic Area
    In order to establish a relevant connection to the European Economic Area (EEA) you must be either:
    a UK/EEA national a non-EEA national who either has a relevant degree from a university in the UK or Republic of Ireland (ROI), or has worked in a UK or ROI university, hospital or institution for at least a continuous three year period.

    Citizen of European Union/EEA Frame work/ Local /British Citizen Under EEA Framework, EU Laws and GBR(Great Britain) the nationals who are determined and declared by the UKBA/Home Office of the United Kingdom as:
    EU Citizen, Local or British National
    These students are entitled to have special financial benefits (fee packages) and their statuary rights should not be disturbed or regarded as the international students does not enjoy these types of facilities. 

    The following countries are in the European Economic Area:

    As a student of ECHE you can expect the very best of everything. Whatever your area of study we have a wealth of different facilities to ensure you will have a learning experience that is second to none.


    Austria Bulgaria Czech Republic Estonia
    France Greece Iceland Italy
    Liechtenstein Luxembourg The Netherlands/ Holland Poland
    Romania Slovenia Sweden Finland
    Belgium Cyprus Denmark Latvia
    Germany Hungary Republic of Ireland Portugal
    Lithuania Malta Norway  
    Slovakia Spain United Kingdom  

    NB while Switzerland is not in the EEA, Swiss nationals have the same rights as EEA nationals.



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