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    A valid certified medical report about your mental and physical health must be attached with your visa application. (See the professional or approved doctors list on the British High Council website in your country) The student’s services department at ECHE advises you to follow the following steps to be registered with the local GP in the (Local Living Area) as soon as possible once you arrived here in the United Kingdom.

    How do i register with GPWhen you have found a GP surgery you would like to register with go along and produce them your all required details. Once you've been accepted as a patient, your medical details/ records will be maintained at the new surgery and you'll be sent a new medical card with your name and number.

    For information on GP surgeries with extended opening hours, please refer to your local GP Access Leaflet.

    To find the addresses of your nearest GP surgeries click on the NHS choices link below and then select 'G.P's' and enter your post code. On-Line Registration Process:

    For more information: www.nhs.uk

    Refusal: There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to register with the GP you have chosen. For example, the practice may be full or you may live too far away. If this is the case, simply choose another GP in your local area.

    Get in touch with the ECHE student’s services department immediately or drop an e-mail to

    Medical advice & insurance

    If you need further advice please follow the link

    www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk or call 111.

    We strongly recommend that you take out private medical insurance before you arrive in the UK.  Depending on your nationality, you may have to pay for medical treatment and it is advisable to be prepared for this eventuality.

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